Sarah Perry


I manage the Level 9 WTBB laboratory and undertake research for Professor Mark Hull and Professor David Jayne and their groups and Professor Jean Crabtree.

My laboratory career started in 1985, on completion of my BTEC HND in Applied Biology (1983-85), at the Royal Veterinary College’s field station situated in Potters Bar. Here my time was divided between the lab and farm visits with the vets where samples were taken to investigate the causes of ovine mastitis with a particular interest in Pasturella haemolytica. During this 3 year post, I also completed my part-time degree in Applied Biology. I came to Leeds in 1988 and secured a technician’s post in the Department of Surgery with the late Professor Geoffrey Giles working in the field of kidney transplantation research. Following maternity leave in 1992, I returned to St James’s in 1993 and worked for Professor Jean Crabtree on Helicobacter pylori projects. Following my 3 year post with Jean, I returned to the Department of Surgery to work with Professor Pierre Guillou and remained there until moving to WTBB to work with Professor Mark Hull’s Molecular Gastroenterology group. I continued to work for Surgery under Professor David Jayne and enjoy working on projects with both Mark and David in the field of colorectal cancer research and line manage two of the Senior Research Technicians working for David. Both groups have a large number of clinical research fellows studying for PhD or MD and a significant part of my work encompasses training and laboratory support for these fellows. 

My main areas of lab expertise are in H. pylori culture, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, western blot, tissue culture and ELISA but have many years’ experience in a large number of other laboratory techniques. Along with two of my colleagues, I run training sessions for our Zeiss and Nikon microscopes as well as running the mycoplasma testing service and annual Pipette Clinic for LIMR and LIRMM.

In addition to being a Senior Research Technician and managing the level 9 labs in WTBB, I am Senior Laboratory manager for the St James's Campus, line managed by Dr Marie Parker, and I line manage the Senior Infrastructure Assistant and 6 Infrastructure Assistants. 

I’m also PD for the Colorectal tissue bank which is part of the Multidisciplinary RTB headed by Professor Roz Banks.


  • BSc (Hons) Applied Biology
  • BTec HND Applied Biology

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's