Clinical and Population Science Department

Our Work

Our overall vision is focused on improving health and quality of life of the population through the development of effective preventative and management strategies for cardiometabolic conditions. The different subpopulations span all ages from the newborn to older people, aiming to maintain a healthy and productive society. 

The department delivers transdisciplinary research with expertise in big data analytics, disease mechanisms and clinical observational and interventional studies, collectively aiming to improve outcomes and enhance quality of life of individuals with cardiometabolic conditions.

We have an international track record in applied epidemiology, development of research methodology, identification of mechanistic pathways, nationwide clinical registers, observational cohorts, randomised controlled trials and health informatics data. We work closely with local, national and international research groups to identify unmet clinical needs, uncover novel mechanistic pathways and design new management strategies for people with cardiometabolic conditions. We also have an interest in prevention by targeting high risk cardiometabolic groups, including survivors of childhood cancer. 

The Team

Department Head

Professor Ramzi Ajjan

Deputy Head

Dr Marlous Hall


Professor Ramzi Ajjan – Professor of Metabolic Medicine 

Professor Adam Glaser – Professor of Paediatric Oncology

Professor Richard Feltbower – Professor of Epidemiology

Professor Chris Gale – Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine 

Professor Laura Hardie – Professor of Nutrition Metabolism and Health

Professor Eleanor Scott – Professor of Diabetes & Maternal Health

Dr Marlous Hall – Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Dr John Gierula – Associate Professor in Cardiac Physiology 

Dr Peter Tennant – Associate Professor in Health Data Science

Dr Klaus Witte – Associate Professor in Cardiology

Dr Darren Greenwood – Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

Dr Wendy Harrison – Lecturer in Biostatistics 

Dr Theresa Munyombwe – Lecturer in Biostatistics