Clinical Imaging Facilities

The Leeds Cardiac MRI Unit was founded in 1999 with the installation of a British Heart Foundation funded 1.5T MRI scanner dedicated to cardiovascular research. Since then, the facility has expanded with support from the British Heart Foundation, the Medical Research Council and the University of Leeds and now comprises three state of the art MRI scanners in a Clinical Imaging Centre and a new Advanced Imaging Centre. 


Clinical MRI Centre

Lead: Professor John Greenwood

Contact: Dr Laura Jones  

The Clinical MRI Centre was created in 1999 with funding from the British Heart Foundation. Since then, the centre has expanded to now include a Philips 1.5T Ingenia and a Philips 3T Achieva MRI scanner. The centre is located in the Clarendon wing of the Leeds General Infirmary. It supports a large NHS cardiovascular MRI service and a wide range of clinical research.

Clinical mri centre


Advanced Imaging Centre (AIC)

Lead: Professor Sven Plein and Professor Jurgen Schneider

Contact: Kathryn Richards

The AIC was created through a £7.4 Medical Research Council Clinical Research Infrastructure grant for a National Centre for Hyperpolarised MRI, in collaboration with Arthritis UK, the British Heart Foundation, the University of York and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. It is located in a refurbished wing of the Gilbert Scott building of the Leeds General Infirmary. The 500m2 centre contains a Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner with multinuclear capability, laboratory space, offices and a modern seminar room.

Advanced Imaging Centre (AIC)


NHS Cardiovascular imaging facilities 

We work closely with the NHS and have access to clinical echocardiography, CT, SPECT, and PET facilities. See here for further details.

NHS contact: Dr Dominik Schlosshan

CRF Clinical lead cardiology: John Greenwood


Research methods

Our clinical imaging facilities support a wide range of clinical translational research including:

Research themes

Current research themes in our clinical imaging facilities include:

Partners and sponsors

Partners and sponsors

British Heart Foundation

Medical Research Council

Arthritis UK

National Institute of Health Research

University of York

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust