Clinical and Population Science Department

What we do

The Clinical and Population Sciences Department delivers transdisciplinary epidemiological, biostatistical, health services and clinical research geared towards translating cardiovascular and cardiometabolic research into effective societal benefit.

We have a track record in internationally-leading research in applied epidemiology, development of research methodology, randomised controlled trials, nationwide clinical registers, observational cohorts and health informatics data. We work closely with local, national and international research groups to uncover new mechanistic pathways and novel therapeutic targets that can be taken from bench to bedside and into clinical studies.

Who we are


Department Head
Professor Chris Gale


Professor Chris Gale – Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Professor Mark Gilthorpe – Professor of Statistical Epidemiology 

Professor Peter Grant – Professor of Diabetes & Endocrinology 

Professor Alistair Hall – Professor of Cardiology

Professor Laura Hardie – Professor of Nutrition Metabolism and Health

Professor Eleanor Scott – Professor of Diabetes & Maternal Health

Dr Ramzi Ajjan – Associate Professor of Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dr George Ellison – Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr Richard Feltbower – Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology 

Dr Darren Greenwood – Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

Dr Roger Parslow – Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Dr Michael Routledge – Associate Professor of Environmental Toxicology

Dr Klaus Witte – Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology & University Academic Fellow

Mr John Gierula – NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer in Cardiac Physiology 

Dr Marlous Hall – Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow and University Academic Fellow

Dr Wendy Harrison – Lecturer in Biostatistics 

Dr Theresa Munyombwe – Lecturer in Biostatistics


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