Dr Santanu Acharya

Santanu Acharya

I am a doctor who trained in India before completing full training in the UK to become a consultant gynaecologist. During my training in Leeds, I took a year off to work as a clinical research fellow at the Assisted Conception Unit at Leeds General Infirmary. I pursued a MSc in Health Research (part-time) at University of Leeds. It was a fantastic course that gave me vital experience in the world of research. The course was fully funded by the NHS Strategic Network. This helped me in getting many publications therefore improving my CV and job prospects.

Research is now an integral part of any medical job as dictated by the General Medical Council. Research and publications stand out in your CV, given many doctors wrongly do not attach much importance to it. I continue to pursue my teaching and research interests working as an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in the University of Glasgow.

As a tip, I would say whenever you get an opportunity to participate in research activities in your organisation, you should grab the opportunity since it is a very fulfilling experience and look for grants and free courses that are available.