Masters student LIMR

Hannah Burgess

I really enjoyed my time on this MSc course and being able to specialise my studies in cancer biology through learning a vast range of approaches to cancer therapy, reinforced my passion for the subject. 

I found a taught MSc provided me, foremost, with the theory needed to understand advancements in cancer research, as well as focusing on how these findings translate into clinical practice. Initially receiving lecture-based learning, followed by a research component, meant I was able to draw upon several expertise when engaging with my research topic. In Particular, the Methods in Biosciences module, which detailed the current research efforts being conducted at Leeds, allowed for an in depth understanding of the research process and later helped when understanding the reasoning and experimental approach of my own project.

In doing a research project, I found myself developing as a scientist in ways completely unique to my undergraduate degree. I loved having greater responsibility over my learning, and seeing how my results directed my next steps. This experience was my first instance in a working research laboratory and I’m so proud of how I was quickly able to adapt to working in this new environment.

Although this process was definitely made easier by the amazing research community I found at Leeds, and I always felt that I was able to seek support with my studies if needed. Significantly, the continued support of my supervisor, even after graduation, has helped me to navigate the postgraduate job market, and I have been fortunate to secure a PhD studentship at Bart’s Cancer Institute, where I will continue to pursue my interest in glioblastoma research.

I have gained so much from this experience, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Cancer biology and wanting to improve patient outcomes in any way.