in Musculoskeletal disease

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Buch Maya +44(0)113 392 3043 Professor (Clinical)
Professor Philip Conaghan Conaghan Philip +44(0)113 392 4883 Professor of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Prof Francesco Del Galdo Del Galdo Francesco Professor of Experimental Medicine (Consultant)
Professor Paul Emery Emery Paul +44(0)113 392 4884 Professor (Clinical)
Professor Peter Giannoudis Giannoudis Peter +44(0)113 206 7068 Professor (Clinical)
Professor Philip Helliwell Helliwell Philip +44(0)113 392 3064 Professor (Clinical Rheumatology)
Elena Jones Jones Elena +44(0)113 206 5647 Associate Professor in Stem Cell Biology
Professor Anne-Maree Keenan OBE Keenan Anne-Maree +44(0)113 343 1238 Professor of Applied Health Research
Dr Sarah Mackie Mackie Sarah Associate Professor (Consultant)
Michael McDermott McDermott Michael +44(0)113 343 8641 Professor of Experimental Rheumatology, Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine (LIRMM)
McGonagle Dennis +44(0)113 392 4747 Professor (Clinical)
Professor Rory J O'Connor O'Connor Rory R.J.O' Charterhouse Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Professor Hemant Pandit Pandit Hemant Professor (Clinical)
Dr Frederique Ponchel Ponchel Frederique +44(0)113 206 5642 Associate Professor
Professor Anthony Redmond Redmond Anthony +44(0)113 392 4914 Professor of Clincal Biomechanics
Dr Jim Robinson Robinson James +44(0)113 343 8420 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Sinisa Savic Savic Sinisa +44(0)113 343 8413 Associate Professor (Clinical)
Shams Kave Associate Professor (Clinical)
Dr Bethany Shinkins Shinkins Bethany +44(0)113 343 0873 Associate Professor
Dr Heidi Siddle Siddle Heidi +44(0)113 392 2267 Associate Professor
Dr Ai Lyn Tan Tan Ai Lyn Associate Professor (Consultant)
Dr Ana Tiganescu Tiganescu Ana Research Fellow
Vital Edward +44(0)113 392 4879 Associate Professor (Consultant)
Wakefield Richard +44(0)113 392 4849 Senior Lecturer (Honorary Consultant) in Rheumatologist)
Wittmann Miriam +44(0)113 343 3101 Associate Professor in Inflammatory Skin Diseases