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What we do

The Leeds Cancer Research UK CTU is one of only 7 clinical trials units to receive a prestigious infrastructure award from Cancer Research UK. Opened in 2018 the Leeds Cancer Research UK CTU aims to improve access to innovative treatments for cancer patients. Our research focusses on two groups of cancer patients:

  • Those who are treated with radiotherapy.
  • Those who have cancers of the blood.

Our team specialises in the design, delivery and analysis of innovative early-phase to late-phase cancer clinical trials. We work with researchers and clinicians from across the United Kingdom to bring the latest scientific developments to patients in the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide.

Major advances are taking place in radiotherapy treatment, with the ability to better target the cancer and reduce the side effects to the surrounding tissue. We are working to design smarter, faster clinical trials across a range of different cancers using new radiotherapy treatments including proton beam therapy and new drug treatments that can be combined with radiotherapy.

We are the largest and longest standing UK clinical trials unit conducting clinical trials in the areas of multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and have had an impact on national and international practice in. Leeds Cancer Research UK CTU also hosts the Myeloma UK Concept and Access Research Programme (CARP) that enables us to uniquely deliver a pipeline of early- to late-phase trials in multiple myeloma. This pipeline helps to ensure the maximum number of patients with multiple myeloma gain access to novel treatments.

Who we are


Institute Director, Leeds CRUK Clinical Trials Centre Lead
Professor Julia Brown

Sarah Brown

David Cairns

Gordon Cook

David Sebag-Montefiore

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