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Micrograph of human lung tissue with pneumonia imagge representing Immunity & Inflammation

A growing proportion of the population living with and beyond cancer are working-age cancer survivors, with 300,000 of these estimated to be TYAs aged 16 to 39.

Mark kearney, dean of medicine, in sustainability garden.

Professor Mark Kearney is the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Professor of Cardiovascular and Diabetes research at the University of Leeds and is a clinical cardiologist with an interest in heart failure.

Human heart and coronary artery images representing our research

An international team of BHF-funded researchers may have discovered why some people experience muscle pain after taking statins. The research, published in JACC: Basic to Translational Science, could help doctors prevent a known side effect of statins and ensure people are able to reap the benefits of the life-saving drugs.

Human heart and coronary artery images representing our research

People suffering from heart attacks in Sweden were less likely to die from them in the short and long-term than those in England and Wales, according to a new study.

Premature baby in hospital

Children born as little as three weeks premature, who consequently fall into an earlier school year are at increased risk of experiencing setbacks in their education after their first year of school.