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A doctor using a stethoscope on a patient.

Next generation clinical trials using "digital twins" of anonymised real-life patients are a step closer after a leading Leeds scientist was awarded a €2.5m grant to further his pioneering research.

A woman prays in front of a destroyed house in the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian civilians who suffer traumatic injuries in the country’s conflict with Russia are the focus of new collaborative research by the University of Leeds and Bukovinian State Medical University.

A student wearing a virtual reality headset, interacting with Stacey the virtual patient, who is sitting on a chair with her baby next to her in a baby carrier

Extended-reality assisted clinical training in perinatal mental health has been launched by Health Education England in collaboration with the University of Leeds.

I am a Senior Research Fellow awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship.

My background is in the Social Sciences and Humanities and my most recent work has applied this expertise to the topic of health inequalities.

Grant will fund new networks and interdisciplinary working to drive change in disability inclusion.

A row of eight thin pipettes attached to a machine injecting fluid into a tray.

Scientists have found a new way to predict which myeloma patients will benefit the most from a treatment often used to help keep the blood cancer from coming back after a stem cell transplant.