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University of Leeds' Nexus building.

The University of Leeds is among the top performing higher education institutions in England for generating impact around its research, according to an analysis by Research England.

Infection control and antimicrobial resistance at the University of Leeds

A new study investigating virus transmission around the hospital environment following hand washing has found that drying hands with paper towels results in lower rates of virus contamination.

care nurse and service user representing FRAILTY AND ELDERLY CARE

A rare disease first identified in 2020 is much more common than first thought, say researchers at the University of Leeds.

Healthcare professional assisting a child.

Innovation in health and care is set to take a dynamic new pace and scale across Leeds and the City Region, according to a new report from Leeds Academic Health Partnership,

Pet scans of brain

Leeds has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence in the way it integrates research and treatment for difficult-to-cure brain tumours.