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Cancer research visit Leeds

Senior leaders from Cancer Research UK visited the University today to find out how Leeds researchers are working together in the battle against the disease.

osteoarthritis research

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a painful, disabling condition affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Developing the next generation of anticoagulant

AUniversity of Leeds spin-out company has secured £3.14m to develop a next generation drug that aims to prevent blood clots forming, without the risk of bleeding present in currently available drugs.


December 2019 sees the 30th anniversary of the unveiling of the Medical Shool Mural, a panoramic history of the School of Medicine, founded in 1831, painted by Brian Holmes.

Image of brain tumour cells under a microscope

When brain tumours are treated with radiation or chemotherapy their cells evolve in a way that appears to be random, according to research published today in Nature.