The first University of Leeds Global Mental Health network event

The School of Psychology hosted the first University of Leeds Global Mental Health network event on Thursday 6th June.

The University has identified global mental health as a strategic sub-theme and Siobhan Hugh-Jones will be leading this. The network aims to build interdisciplinary research links across the University, and with global partners, to foster innovative responses to global mental health challenges.

At the meeting, there were presentations from University of Leeds academics from a variety of disciplines, which showcased their interest and expertise in mental health, including:
- The safe care in psychiatric institutions (Professor John Baker)
- Why people with poor mental health also have poor physical health and how to intervene (Professor Liz Hughes)
- How to make mental health care more responsive to people’s faith (Dr Ghazala Mir)
- Exploring suicide notes left by French workers to understand workplace stressors, and bring about policy changes (Professor Sarah Waters)
- Understanding how Indian young people avoid becoming depending on substances, despite being at increased risk (Professor Anna Madill)

After the talks, the group began to map the network-wide expertise that could help to address global mental health challenges.

The network will meet four times per year and new members are very welcome, even if you are not yet working on global mental health, or even on mental health directly. The network wants to foster creative inclusion of many disciplines. To find out more or join the network, please contact Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones.