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Children, classroom, raising hands, teacher at front

School readiness at age 4-5 could help predict unemployment and education drop-out at age 16-17, according to a study led by the University of Leeds with Lancaster University.

Someone putting sweeteners in a hot drink.

Replacing sugar with low-energy sweetened products can help weight control for at least one year after rapid weight loss in adults without increasing risk of type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

A child's legs and hand, holding a teddy bear.

A new report reveals a crisis in children’s autism assessment, warning that thousands of autistic children and young people are waiting months – or even years – for health and education support.

Medical students sat around a patients bed in training

Burnout and mental health issues affect a host of professions, including doctors and those working in the NHS. 

Three infants' handprints in a circle to the left of the text 'My First 1000 Days'

Improving the life chances of children in Leeds during their first 1,000 days is the focus of an ambitious new research project by the University of Leeds.