Kirsten wins Partnership Innovation award

Kirsten Huby, Child Nursing lecturer and Admissions tutor, wins University award for innovation in teaching

The School of Healthcare offer our congratulations to Kirsten Huby, who has received the Leeds University Partnership award for Innovation. Kirsten has introduced many innovative approaches to learning and teaching using digital, online and social media to engage students and add insight to her teaching.

Kirsten said, "I ran a Healthcare Ethics and Law module in semester 1 and the child students took part in a pilot where their sessions were taught in a blended learning format. We used Blackboard Collaborate, blogs, podcast, videos, Articulate packages as well as face to face sessions and key lectures. I spent a lot of time working with the students to ensure that we all knew what we were doing and could learn from and support each other as we tried new ways of enhancing teaching and learning."

"I have presented some of this work at the Faculty Show and Technology Enhanced Learning event in March and am discussing with colleagues in SDDU the best way to share this information. I started a blog at the beginning of this process chartering my learning process using educational technology and Beth has recommended that colleagues (throughout the university) refer to it. I intend to continue blogging as it is a way of reflecting on and improving my practice.

"Since the Show, I have met with some of the skill@library team to share information about the way Blackboard Collaborate can be used. They have been using webinar software for a while but had not tried using the breakout rooms for small group work which I had tried - successfully with my students.

"I was surprised and honoured to be nominated and shortlisted for this award when there are so many innovative things happening across the University. I never expected to win and still haven't really taken it in. I couldn't have implemented the blended learning approach to the module without the support, co-operation and good humour of the 09/15 child nursing students. I was impressed with their willingness to try new things, support each other and go on this journey of discovery with me. We all learnt a lot and their feedback will influence how blended learning is introduced to other students. I intend to continue working in partnership with students and colleagues to support the use of blended learning and educational technology where it will most effectively enhance the student learning experience."

"I am honoured to have received the award for innovation. Thank you to all my students who helped me to achieve this."