Parisa Aslani Appointed as Honorary Professor

Long-time collaborator with the Medicines Optimisation Research Group, Parisa Aslani has been made Honorary Professor in the School of Healthcare.

Based at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Parisa is Professor in Medicines Use Optimisation.

She has been a researcher and educator in the field of consumer medicine information and adherence to medicines for more than 20 years. Her goals include the improvement of quality use of medicines by patients and consumers - through increased and appropriate disease and medicine information and informed shared decision making. Her research has impacted policy and education in the healthcare sector, and at the Government level, and has led to a global initiative on developing medicine information strategies for implementation at national and local levels.

Parisa has worked to develop the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) collaboration on Making the best use of medicines along with David Alldred and Theo Raynor at Leeds. This has led to jointly published research, co-supervision of post-graduate research students and joint research workshops.

Parisa is President of the Health and Medicines Information Section of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). She is a previous winner of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Pharmacy Research UK Award, in recognition of a significant contribution to the field of pharmacy research. She has also received the University of Sydney’s prestigious Thompson Equity Fellowship, which recognizes research excellence and aims to promote and enhance the career of academic women.