Orthopaedics and Trauma Sciences

What we do

Working collaboratively with academic colleagues, partners in the NHS, industry and/or the wider public and private health sector, we lead and conduct high-quality research across the breadth of musculoskeletal (MSK)conditions in both trauma as well as elective orthopaedics. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is a Major Trauma Centre serving a population of 800,000 in the Leeds City region and is a tertiary referral centre for a population of around 2.5 million.

We deliver support and supervision for post-graduate students and fellowship applicants from within the University, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) and other organisations. We are a recognised AO trauma fellowship center. Our staff also contribute to a learning and teaching portfolio that includes post-graduate courses, undergraduate teaching and medic as well as  paramedic education at local, regional, national and international  level.

Our research

Our research is primarily focused at improving patient outcomes in any MSK conditions. As we live longer and wish to stay fit andf active, it is important that our independence and painfree mobility are maintained. 

We conduct translational  as well as basic science research in the fields of fracture and its sequale, osteoarthritis – aetiopathogenesis, diagnosis  and treatment as well as rare conditions.

Various clinical trials/studies are currently running including the following:

  • SPAARK – this NIHR (RFPB) funded trial is assessing the effectiveness of liposomal bupivacaine in sustained pain relief post knee replacement.
  •  T-Pac – a feasibility study of combined autologous platelet-rich plasma and concentrated autologous bone marrow in patients with a fresh unilateral tibial diaphyseal fracture.
  • KARDS – this NIHR (HTA) funded trial will compare the safety and efficacy of knee distraction for knee OA.
  • Tib N-Force – a proof of concept randomised controlled trial comparing the impact of early versus delayed weight bearing following surgery for tibial plateau fracture.
  • GRACE – industry-sponsored study assessing mechanism of action for diclofenac gel in knee OA.
  • GreenBric – a first in man study to evaluate the safety and performance of GreenBone Implant for iliac crest reconstruction, following bone graft harvesting for pelvic fusion.
  • iSMART – this Versus Arthritis-funded study is assessing use of implantable sensors in knee arthroplasty.
  • OPPORTUNITY – this ARUK-funded feasibility study is examining the impact of weight reduction, physiotherapy, orthotics and appropriate analgesia on patients listed for knee arthroplasty.

Who we work with

Clinicians, Scientists, Epidemiologists, computer scientists, biostatisticians, economists, Biomedical Engineers, the NHS and industry.

Key publications

Key publications our team has contributed to

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Professor Peter Giannoudis

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