Frailty and Elderly Care Research

The award-winning Frailty and Elderly Care is a research group part of the Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation.

Our elderly care research addresses the needs of an ageing population. This population has life-long accumulated exposures which contribute to chronic disease and give rise to associated physical and mental health co-morbidities. In response to the health service challenges posed by multi-morbidity in the elderly, our research encompasses:

  • The nature of frailty in the elderly and its impact on service use.
  • Mental health morbidity (delirium, dementia, depression) in physical healthcare settings.
  • Evaluation of services for older people, for example, community hospitals, day hospitals and intermediate care.

We are a national and international leading centre for frailty research. The development of the Electronic Frailty Index (eFI) led by Andy Clegg, allowing for the first time identification of people with frailty through routine data, has been transformational. Use of the eFI is now in the new General Medical Services contract, a contractual requirement for practices to screen for frailty, allowing them to identify and consider offering treatment options to their frail elderly patients. The eFI, winner of the RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2017, also featured in the 2016 NICE Multimorbidity Guideline, is being used by numerous research teams to identify people with frailty in order to develop tailored services, technology and interventions.

Our recent projects include:

  • Personalised Care Planning for Older People with Frailty
  • The Community Ageing Research Study (CARE 75+)
  • Home-based Extended Rehabilitation for Older people (HERO)
  • Optimising blood pressure management for older people with frailty
  • Medical day hospital care for the elderly versus alternative forms of care

Who we are

Professor John Young – Professor of Elderly Care Medicine

Dr Elizabeth Teale – Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Elderly Care Medicine

Dr Andrew Clegg – Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Geriatrician

Mary Godfrey – Reader

Frailty personal care planning

Anne Heaven

Dr Jane Smith

Dr Rebecca Hawkins

Caroline Brundle

Nicola Harrison

Home-based exercise intervention for older people with frailty 

Matthew Prescott          

Lubena Mirza

Dr Friederike Ziegler

Ismail Patel

Manifestation of frailty

Dr Kristian Hudson

Primary care-based management of frailty

Dr Rebecca Hawkins

Dr Lesley Brown              

Sarah De-Biase

Caroline Brundle

Ikhlaq Jacob

Farhat Mahmood

PhD students

Dr Oliver Todd

Funding Sources

National Institute for Health Research

Dunhill Medical Trust