New PhD scholarships launched by Dunhill Medical Trust - Reimagine Ageing

Reimagine Ageing Doctoral Research Programme to improve quality of life, functional capacity and well-being of older people and through the Leeds Reimagine Ageing (RA) Network. Deadline 7 May.

The School of Medicine invites applications from prospective postgraduate researchers who wish to commence study for a PhD in the academic year 2024/25 within the Dunhill Medical Trust Reimagine Ageing Doctoral Research Programme. The award is open to full-time candidates (UK only) who meet the eligibility for a place on a PhD degree in the School of Medicine.

The Reimagine Ageing PhD Programme will consist of three new PhD opportunities (two funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust, and one co-funded by University of Leeds), for a duration of 42 months.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday 7 May 2024.

Areas of work for the PhD studentships  

Areas of potential PhD study relate to innovative solutions which might enhance the perceptions, narratives and experience of ageing. Broad themes are outlined below.  

  1. Approaches, technologies, system changes, innovative solutions to: 
    i. Prevent, reduce, limit harm of, falls in older people. 
    ii. Sustain independence of older people including those at risk of needing home care services or care home placement. 
    iii. Improve care in care homes.
  2. Explore the benefits of art and cultural engagement in relation to ageing. 
  3. Stratified care for older people with frailty: use of individual participant data meta-analysis to better target interventions. 

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