Leeds Midwifery Society host 'inspirational' conference

.The University of Leeds Midwifery Society is holding a conference on the 15th of March entitled 'Inspirational Midwifery: Be the change you want to see'.

Group of people, all ages and ethnicity

International guest speakers including Michel Odent, Caroline Flint MP and Sheena Byrom

About the event

Sarah Forster, President of University of Leeds Midwifery Society said,"We have been lucky enough to secure some amazing speakers and we hope this conference will be our most successful yet, leaving midwives, students and doulas (birthing companions) with a sense that they can make a difference in this profession. By hearing from people who have made an impact within different areas of midwifery we hope to inspire delegates that they too have the capabilities to create change.  See the full schedule here.


 Tickets can be purchased here from the LUUMS pages. Tickets are priced as follows:

  • £35 ticket for non-student non-member ticket,  
  • £25 for student tickets for a non-LUUMS member 
  • £10 deposit for full LUUMS  members which is refunded on attendance.

University of Leeds Midwifery Society

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