Specialist Science Education Department

What we do

LICAMM's Specialist Science Education Department is a vibrant community of around 25 academic staff focussed on excellence in teaching informed by research, policy and practice. The Department is home to four academic groupings in Audiological Science and Education, Cardiac Physiology, Diagnostic Imaging & Education, Evaluation & Innovation. Working across the Institutes profile of detection and treatment of cardio metabolic-related disease, informed by the Institute, the School of Medicine and the University's strategy on student education, we aim to provide opportunities for outstanding education that is attractive to a global audience and underpinned by innovative, evidence based, impactful scholarship.

Who we are


Department Head
Dr Paul Baxter

Department Deputy Heads

Dr Edward Killan - Group Lead Audiological Science and Education 

Mr Voyin Pantic - Group Lead Diagnostic Imaging

Mrs Rhona Riley - Group Lead Cardiac Physiology

Dr Laura Treadgold - Group Lead Education, Evaluation & Innovation


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