Epidemiology and Biostatistics

What we do

Our Section investigates how diseases occur in different groups of people, at different rates, in different ways, and with different outcomes. We specialise in population data, genetic epidemiology and developing new statistical/epidemiological methods. Our research areas include: colorectal cancer; melanoma; testicular cancer; cancer in children and young adults; musculoskeletal disease; cardiovascular disease, and methodology based on large numbers of genetic variants and/or the interaction of genes and environment.

Our approach is to bring together biologists, laboratory scientists, clinicians, psychologists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and statisticians to develop, conduct and interpret these studies. To enhance our research, we collaborate with researchers across the UK and the wider world. Sharing data can often be in the best interests of the patients and their families from whom these data are derived. We are also strongly committed to public engagement and involving patients in our work.

The Section works across sites, with bases within the Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's and the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics.


The Section receives funding from a wide variety of sources including:

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Section Lead
Professor Eva Morris

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