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Health economists in our Test Evaluation Group (TEG) specialise in health test evaluations. They have experience in both trial-based and model-based economic evaluations, and are happy to work with academic or industry partners.

Medical tests require rigorous evaluation before being implemented in clinical practice. Test evaluation is notoriously complex however, in part due to the indirect nature of the tests’ impact on patient outcomes. 

The introduction of a new test to a clinical pathway may provide clear benefits (e.g. more targeted treatment, less invasive than existing tests, reduced costs), but may also involve some underlying costs (e.g. more expensive, greater side effects, over-diagnosis). Economic evaluation weighs up these costs and benefits in order to determine whether the benefits of a new test are sufficiently large to warrant investment. 

The Test Evaluation Group collaborates with a number of organisations including:


To date, we have successfully won funding from Innovate UK, NIHR, MRC, HTA, H2020, and industry. The Test Evaluation Group’s international collaborations include a multi-million dollar research programme funded by Genome Canada looking at research methods for personalised medicine.

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Dr Bethany Shinkins

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The Test Evaluation Group sits under the Academic Unit of Health Economics [ LINK ], alongside the following research groups: