Microbiology and cell biology

The microbiology and cell biology research group endeavours to understand the roles of microbes and host responses in health and infectious or malignant disease. This includes:  

  • Characterising and controlling oral biofilms (including metagenomic and transcriptomic analysis) to understand function as well as composition, mathematical modelling to predict biofilm behaviour, antimicrobial treatment of biofilms (including photodynamic treatment), manipulation of biofilm behaviour, development of antimicrobial materials.

  • Understanding the role of the oral microbiome in health (and disease), particularly the roles of resident bacteria in regulating host cell responses, prebiotics and probiotics, and the environmental regulation of microbial pathogenicity.

  • Cellular signalling (in particular the insulin-like growth factor, IGF, axis) and host defences in infectious and malignant disease; these include antimicrobial host defence peptides (eg defensins, LL-37), NK cells and neutrophils.

  • Understanding the links between periodontal diseases and systemic disease, particularly arthritis and diabetes.

Collaborations and partnerships

Members of the microbiology and cell biology research group collaborate with The Leeds NIHR Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit and National Biofilms Innovation Centre.


Dr Thuy Do

Dr Josie Meade

Dr Jon Vernon