Dentistry biomaterialisation image

The Biomineralisation research group encompasses skeletal tissue biology from formation to destruction and genotype to phenotype, and the development of biomimetic technologies addressing all stages of the translational pipeline. This includes: 

  • investigation of biological, molecular and physicochemical control mechanisms of biomineralisation and exploring the link between oral health and systemic health in skeletal tissues
  • identifying gene mutations and their role in inherited dental and skeletal pathologies of disease pathogenesis. For example, through investigation of families with Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI), a heterogeneous group of inherited enamel defects, the Leeds team has established a world-leading reputation for discovery of genetic variants critical to normal enamel formation. Translation of genetic research discoveries to NHS patient care is underway for defining patient pathways and raising standards of care
  • development of biomimetic technologies for skeletal tissue repair and regeneration. For example, our patent-protected hierarchically-ordered mineralised membranes, and our commercialised self-assembling peptide (SAP) therapeutics for treatment of early tooth decay (caries), tooth sensitivity and caries prevention
  • using cutting-edge characterisation techniques including synchrotron X-ray scattering at international advanced science facilities, and utilising our in-house imaging suite of high resolution X-ray microtomography, SEM and confocal microscopy for ultra-high resolution multiscale and multimodal imaging of mineral, cells and biomolecules.

Partnerships and collaborations

We have collaborations and knowledge sharing partnerships with several related organisations and bodies, both within the University and externally. Members of the Biomineralisation research group collaborate with The Bragg Centre, The Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre, The Leeds NIHR Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit, and the Centre for HealthTech Innovation.


Biomineralisation research group membership includes:

Research Lead: Professor Maisoon Al-Jawad

Dr Mohammed Al-Mosawi

Dr Robert Davies

Dr Alan Mighell

Dr Neil Thomson