Dr R. Phil. W. Davies


I am a biophysical chemist working in the medical technologies field with specific focus on the oral environment. This is an intrinsically interdisciplinary area which operates at the interface of chemistry, biology and dentistry.   I hold BSc, Masters and PhD qualifications in chemistry all awarded form the University of Leeds.  My PhD was under the supervision of Professor N. Boden and Dr A. Aggeli which part funded by DOW chemicals. This focused on the physicochemical properties of de novo beta-sheet tape forming peptides.

After the completion of my PhD I undertook a brief project which designed the production and QC protocols for the manufacture of peptide samples which were used in a successful first in man clinical trials.  Together with our partners (Credentis AG) that work directly facilitated the commercial translation of Leeds University IP.  Following this I have held two postdoctoral positions; the first as part of the WELMEC Centre of Excellence in Medical Engineering and a second funded by the IKC and Credentis AG.

I have recently been awarded a grant through the IKC ( £100k) as part of a proof of concept study (working with Professors J. Kirkham and D. Devine)  to investigate the controlled release of antimicrobials from a self-assembling peptide matrix. The intended use for this system is for the control of periodontal pathogens and to provide simultaneous regeneration of periodontal tissue.


  • Member of the Dental Tissue Ethics Committee (DTEC) sub group

Research interests

My research interests are centred on the characterisation and subsequent application of self-assembling beta-sheet forming peptides for biomedical applications. I am engaged with the fundamental research on these molecules which aims to understand and characterise their physico-chemical properties.  The knowledge gained through these studies is subsequently fed into the rational design of novel peptidic motifs that can be developed to suite specific technological applications.  In particular current research is focused on delivering these peptidic motifs as biomimetic scaffolds for hard tissue engineering, to exploit their ability to encapsulate drugs and other moieties in-order to deliver interventions within the oral environment.


  • BSc Chemistry
  • PhD Chemistry

Professional memberships

  • Royal Society of Chemistry (AMRSC)

Student education

I contribute to the teaching of oral bioscience to undergraduates in the Dental Surgery, and Dental Hygiene programmes. Specifically my teaching Is around the fundamentals of biological processes  including metabolism, protopathic diseases and self- assembly. I am also involved in the teaching on masters programmes in the School of Dentistry  

Research groups and institutes

  • Biomineralisation

Current postgraduate researchers

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