Medicine and Health students helping get everyone home for the winter break

As the University offers fast and free asymptomatic coronavirus tests on campus for all students, students from across the Faculty of Medicine and Health step in to help.

The University is offering free and fast asymptomatic coronavirus tests on campus for students returning to their university accommodation after the winter break.

The University of Leeds has established two asymptomatic testing centres for students on campus in the Refectory and in The Edge. These centres have enabled students that wish to leave their term-time address, for the winter break, to travel with confidence in the designated ‘Student Travel Window’.

Over 445 students from across the Faculty of Medicine and Health expressed an interest in supporting the asymptomatic testing centres on campus.

In under 24 hours of the call going out, many students from the Schools of Healthcare, Medicine and Dentistry then went on to take part in the testing effort to help as many students who wanted to, return home for Christmas. This exceptional response demonstrates what great students we have!

Watch this video to see the work our staff and students conducted as part of this testing operation. See the testing centres in action and how these were made operational in just a few weeks.

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The test involves taking a swab from the mouth and nose in a process that takes a few minutes, with students notified of the result by text or email via the NHS Test and Trace system, typically in a matter of hours. 

Asymptomatic testing will also be available to students between 4 January and 5 February to assist with their return to campus after Christmas. Students will be encouraged to book two tests.

We thank all of our students for following safety guidance and working with us to keep our community safe, and all of the staff and students who will be working in the asymptomatic testing centres.

Professor Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Chancellor

Please note – any students showing symptoms of COVID-19 must not book an asymptomatic test – instead, they must book a test through NHS Test and Trace.  

If students are planning to stay in Leeds over the break, there will be plenty of activities happening on campus and some services will remain open.