Core skills module launched for MSc Medical Imaging

Another new module has just been introduced to our MSc Medical Imaging programme. The Core Skills in Medical Imaging module aims to provide new students with opportunities for developing the underlying knowledge and skills useful for the MSc Medical Imaging Programme and for future careers or study in the area of medical imaging.

We have introduced this new module - Core Skills in Medical Imaging - to expand our coverage of these important topics that were previously covered during our X-ray imaging module.

The emphasis of this module is about providing students with the opportunity to develop basic knowledge and skills in areas they think they need some development. We provide training in basic anatomy, physics, mathematics, study skills, academic writing, experimental technique and the use of academic resources.

Dr Stephen Kengyelics - Module Leader

We also signpost students to the many excellent study resources we have here in Leeds which they will find useful whilst studying the MSc Medical Imaging. Students are given the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their new skills by participating in a series of assignments designed to reflect real tasks that they are likely to encounter in their future careers.

Topics covered within the module includes:

Life sciences

  •  Anatomy & Physiology of the main organ systems


  • Elementary functions

  • Harmonic oscillations and waves

  • Principles of Fourier analysis


  • Physical quantities: vectors, fields and units.

  • Principles of atomic and nuclear structure

  • Electromagnetic and mechanical waves

Medical Imaging

  • Imaging modalities in radiology

Academic Skills

  • Finding and assessing information. Tools of literature searching.

  • Fundamentals of academic writing.

  • Common tools for academic writing and analysis.