Dennis Parker Prize for innovation awarded to Samuel Jackson and Natalie Gooder for the StepWise programme

Samuel Jackson and Natalie Gooder have been awarded this year’s Dennis Parker Prize for the StepWise programme.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Dennis Parker Prize for the StepWise programme. The project aims to tackle youth violence from an educational perspective, working with young people at Wetherby Young Offenders Institute.  The project leads, Samuel Jackson and Natalie Gooder, demonstrated novelty and vision in their application to scale up this pilot initiative. The applicants demonstrated the ways the project has potential impact on education, clinical practice, leadership and team-working as well as the wider community through its three-pronged approach.

About StepWise:

Firstly, medical student volunteers teach young people at-risk of violent crime essential first aid skills. This empowers them to become potential life-savers and discourages them from involvement in violent crime.

Secondly, the project enables young people to receive a formal first aid qualification and explore job aspirations at a careers day.

Thirdly and most importantly, the project trains young people to teach first aid to others – both peers within prison and in the community – through co-facilitation with student volunteers.

The winners will receive a prize of £250 which they intend to use for running further cycles in 2018. The prize provides formal recognition for their work as worthy of further funding.

Please email if you are interested in finding out more, or joining the Leeds StreetDoctors team and getting involved

The Dennis Parker prize is open to students in all years of the MBChB. It is given to a new or redesigned and improved initiative in relation to the level of impact in four possible categories:

                Educational impact

                Impact on Leadership and team-working

                Impact on clinical practice

                Community impact

For more information on the prize, contact or see our downloads page

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