Jakki Birtwistle


Jakki’s current project is ACcess To MEDicines (Accessing medicines at end-of-life: a multi-stakeholder, mixed method evaluation of service provision) funded by NIHR HS & DR.  This project aims to identify gaps in service provision and deficits in care experienced by patients and carers, as well as models of good practice. The research will identify critical points for service intervention and workforce development to improve patient access to medicines at End of Life.

Jakki’s recent research projects include the following:

Qualitative process evaluation sub-studies on four randomised controlled feasibility studies:

  • LAVA (NIHR HTA - Liver resection surgery versus thermal ablation for colorectal liver metastases);
  • BRAVO (Yorkshire Cancer Research - High-risk bladder cancer: a randomized controlled trial of radical cystectomy against intra-vesical immunotherapy);
  • LaCeS (NIHR HTA - Laparoscopic versus Open Colorectal Surgery in the Acute setting);
  • TIGA-CUB (NIHR RfPB - Trial on Improving Inter-Generational Attachment for Children Undergoing Behaviour problems).

OK:Diabetes: NIHR HTA-funded randomised controlled feasibility study for an intervention for adults with Learning Disability and Type 2 Diabetes.

START (Systemic Therapy For At Risk Teens): DoH & DfE funded randomised controlled trial looking at an intervention for young people and their families who are experiencing difficulties at home or school.

CASPER (CollAborative care in Screen-Positive EldeRs): NIHR HTA-funded randomised controlled trial looking at an intervention to reduce depression symptoms, prevent the onset of depression and improve quality of life for older people.

ChangeDrinking: NIHR funded the development and evaluation of a personalised feedback web-based intervention to encourage treatment uptake by problem drinkers.

Mortality following hospital attendances self-harm: DoH funded epidemiological data linkage study.