Christopher Trevelyan

Christopher Trevelyan


I began my PhD in November 2019 after obtaining an MSc at the University of Leeds and spending two years researching immuno-oncology at AstraZeneca in Cambridge.

Prior to this, I gained a First Class (BSc) in Biomedical Science from Aston University which included one year working at GlaxoSmithKline.

Research interests

I am interested in the mechanisms by which microRNAs modulate the activity of cardiac fibroblasts during cardiac remodelling, which is a significant process in the development of heart failure.

Specifically, my research will comprise of functional assays and proteomics which will help us better understand the targets of these microRNAs which could ultimately lead to the discovery of novel therapeutic targets in the treatment of heart failure.


  • MSc (Infection, Immunity and Human Disease)
  • BSc (Biomedical Science)