Lauren Clunie

Lauren Clunie


I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2012 with a joint honours degree in anatomy and physiology, before completing my MSc in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy in 2013 from the University of Glasgow. Following this, I worked at the University of Glasgow as a Research Prosector on the 3D Human project and as an anatomy demonstrator. These experiences led me to discover my passion for teaching and were the motivation for beginning my PhD.

I am now in my final year of a 4-year PhD demonstratorship programme at the University of Leeds, under the supervision of Dr James Pickering, Prof Neil Morris and Dr Jennifer Hallam. My project is investigating the factors that influence students’ perceptions and use of technology-based learning resources for studying anatomy. I am employing a mixed methods approach by combining survey and focus group data in order to understand these factors in greater depth. It is hoped that a deeper understanding of what drives students' to use, or not to use a resource will help to inform educators and instructional designers in designing and developing resources in anatomy education.

I chose to apply to this programme for the topic area of my PhD project, but also for the teaching experience it would afford me. Alongside my research, I help to facilitate teaching within the Division of Anatomy to a wide range of students. The knowledge gained through my education focused PhD has allowed me to become more reflective of my teaching practice and allows me to design and plan teaching sessions using an evidence-informed approach. 

Research interests

  • Anatomical pedagogical research
  • Evaluating the efficacy of technology-based learning resources
  • Mixed methods research


  • BSc Anatomical and Physiological Sciences
  • MSc Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Education