Faculty guidance to the promotions process

Faculty HR have created a guidance document to supplement the guidance to the updated promotions process that can be found on the University HR web pages.

The Faculty Promotions Process guidance document can be found here. This guidance should be used alongside the guidance found on the University HR web pages, found here.

Top Tips:

1. Seek advice
2. Agree your JD and have it analysed
3. Use the right application form
4. Address each criterion and provide evidence; use facts and figures, and check both the criterion and the guidance notes to be sure that what you write meets the criterion
5. Be specific
6. Outline what roles you have in groups
7. When a criterion refers to decision-making or impacts of decisions, be explicit about your role in the decision and the impacts they will have
8. Reference what you have done not what you will be doing
9. Think about your audience
10. Cross reference, but double check that the information is consistent
11. Keep to 4000 words/6 sides of A4