Excellent Longstanding Service to Undergraduate Clinical Education

We have awarded 3 colleagues with an Excellent Longstanding Service Award for Undergraduate Clinical Education.

Leeds School of Medicine wishes to recognise NHS clinical teachers and other NHS staff who are due to retire or have just retired and have a reputation for their commitment to teaching excellence and supporting our medical students over many years.

Dr Adrian Boonin, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences 

Nominated by a range of colleagues, Dr Adrian Boonin has received an Excellent Longstanding Service Award for Undergraduate Clinical Education.

Dr Adrian Boonin has been teaching our medical students in his GP practice since the 1990s. Consolidating his passion for teaching, he undertook a PG Cert in Primary Care Education and took a role with us as a Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow. Within this role, he brought an expertise in communication skills working with both medicine and dentistry, embedding the patient voice and shaping educational delivery to healthcare professionals. Student feedback highlighted how valuable his teaching was, with comments  

“Dr Adrian Boonin was fantastic. His teaching sessions were some of the best that I have attended in all my years at university (including my previous degree).” 

In addition to great teaching, Dr Boonin was an excellent role model – mentoring colleagues and inspiring the next generation of primary care practitioners. 

Professor Trudie Roberts, Leeds Institute of Medical Education  

Professor Trudie Roberts retired at the end of last year and has received an Excellent Longstanding Service Award for Undergraduate Clinical Education for her outstanding commitment to the advancement of medical education. Trudie may not need an introduction – many will remember her as Director of LIME and as such, a team of colleagues have nominated her for one of these awards – which she, herself set up a few years ago. Trudie’s passion for medical education was evident, through her leadership, support and commitment to championing various innovations. From technology enhanced learning, staff development, educational practices, patient involvement, partnership working, all have flourished with Trudie’s support, to become world-leading and globally recognised. Trudie is a true force within medical education– sitting on the TOPOL panel of experts, president of AMEE and now Honorary Doctorate of the University of Helsinki. She has inspired us all today, advanced medical education in many ways and helped produce generations of excellent healthcare professionals. 

Dr Catherine Dixon, Stockwell Road Surgery  

Nominated by her colleagues, Dr Catherine Dixon has received an Excellent Longstanding Service Award for Undergraduate Clinical Education. Dr Dixon has been involved in teaching our students for over 17 years and throughout this time has gone above and beyond, providing great experiences in the primary care settings. This has been evidenced by her Stockwell Road Surgery Team receiving Outstanding Clinical Team recognition and excellent student feedback year upon year. With enthusiasm and dedication to training, Dr Dixon has been a superb role-model to colleagues and our students, showcasing an unbelievable skill in managing and integrating teaching opportunities within a workload, ensuring a holistic and authentic experience for students. As a result, in student feedback - Dr Dixon has been consistently mentioned as the best aspect of the placement.   

Dr A Boonin Leeds

Dr Adrian Boonin

Dr Trudie Roberts

Professor Trudie Roberts

Cath Dixon Leeds

Dr Cath Dixon