IM Nailing of Lower Extremity Fractures State of the Art - Cadaveric Course

Course overview

This course is focused on the management of patients with fractures of the lower extremity which can be stabilised with intramedullary nailing techniques. Indications, selection of appropriate implant, tips & tricks of reaming and intramedullary nailing will be covered. An integrated multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive treatment is provided by a renowned faculty of experts. Surgical approaches and the techniques of nailing will be practiced on cadaveric and saw bone stations. In addition to lectures and workshops, case presentations will allow participants to interact and to discuss complex cases and their optimum management. The combination of hands on experience in association with focused lectures and discussion of tips & tricks will provide a unique experience of knowledge of intramedullary nailing of lower limb fractures.

Course structure

  • General Considerations of IM Nailing
  • Biomechanical Considerations of IM Nailing
  • Femoral/Tibial Entry points: An update
  • Intramedullary Reaming: What have we learned

Femoral Nailing

  • Reduction instruments – Tips and Tricks
  • Antegrade Nailing for diaphyseal fractures: Indications- Technique- How I do it
  • Proximal femoral- Subtrochanteric fractures -Technique- How I do it
  • Retrograde Nailing for distal 1/3 fractures: Indications – Technique- How I do it
  • Ipsilateral NOF and shaft fracture: Technique – How I do it
  • The Role of IM femoral Nailing in the Management of Post Fracture Fixation
  • Complications
  • Tips on how to extract broken nails
  • Femoral non union
  • Femoral mal union

Tibial Nailing

  • Antegrade Nailing for monofocal diaphyseal fractures: Indications- Technique
  • Antegrade Nailing for proximal 1/3 fractures including articular involvement.
  • Antegrade Nailing for distal 1/3 fractures including articular involvement Suprapatellar
  • nailing: Indications – Technique- How I do it
  • Nailing of floating knee fractures: Indications- Technique- How I do it
  • Retrograde tibial nailing -Technique- How I do it
  • The Role of Tibial Nailing in the Management of Post Fracture Fixation Complications
  • Tibial non-union
  • Tibial malunion: External rotation deformity
  • Intramedullary sepsis- the role of cement nails

Humeral Nailing

  • Antegrade Humeral nailing (shaft/proximal fractures) - Tips and Tricks
  • Cadaveric Practicals
  • Proximal femoral nailing
  • Femoral nailing - antegrade / retrograde
  • Tibial Nailing - antegrade / retrograde
  • Proximal Humeral Nailing

Fee information

Registration fee of £300 (includes course dinner on) should be paid online using the above link.

After completion of payment, please email with the below information to register your interest, and secure your participation to the course.

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