Pathology and Data Analytics

What we do

We are an academic pathology laboratory undertaking research, academic training and the education of undergraduates and postgraduates, both medical and scientific. We undertake translational research in cancer - gastrointestinal cancer (Lower GI: Quirke, West, Richman, Brockmoeller, Marks, Wood and Upper GI: Grabsch, Hutchins), breast cancer (Hanby, Verghese), head and neck and lymphomas (MacLennan, Wood, Hutchins) and gynaecological cancer (Orsi) as well as digital pathology (Treanor), molecular pathology (all and Wood), embryology and cardiovascular disease. We also investigate new cutting edge technologies that add insight into pathology research and education. Our focus is on translational research moving basic scientific advances into patient care, screening, precision medicine and improving patient outcomes.

We have a major interest in the causation and treatment of bowel cancer and improving outcomes for individuals affected by this common condition. We are undertaking translational research in over 30 UK clinical trials in bowel, breast, stomach and oesophageal cancers. Our digital science can be seen at Virtual Pathology at the University of Leeds. We publish 40-50 papers a year, many in high impact factor journals.

Pathology has the largest academic pathology training programme in the United Kingdom with three NIHR Clinical Lecturers, two out-of-programme medical PhD students, five NIHR Academic Clinical Fellows, an NIHR Dental Academic Clinical Fellow and up to six academic FY1 and FY2 posts.

We thank our supporters, especially Yorkshire Cancer Research and the Liz Dawn Breast Cancer Appeal for investing in our laboratories and for their ongoing support.


We have programme grant funding from a wide range of funders, including Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research, Cerebra, the Medical Research Council, NIHR, the Wellcome Trust, Bowel Cancer UK and the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. We are part of the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics and the MRC Single Cell Centre.

We have extensive links with industry and undertake research contracts and consultancy.

Current research involves Roche Diagnostics and Nordlai Adlyte.

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Who we are


Section Head
Professor Philip Quirke

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