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Patient Radiation proton therapy fixing mask showing laser lines for targeting cancer cells in the brain

A cancer treatment that is currently available to only a limited number of UK patients is to be tested in a clinical trial to see if it causes fewer long-term side effects than standard radiotherapy.

Somebody clutching their chest.

Having a heart attack significantly increases the risk of developing other serious long-term health conditions, a major new study shows.

Professor Adam Glaser in front of the CHORAL logo speaking at the launch event for the partnership

A new partnership to tackle the serious health and wellbeing problems affecting children and young people across Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK has been officially launched.

A child's foot. On top of the knuckle of the smallest toe, there's a skin-coloured growth.

A rare disorder which causes babies to be born with extra fingers and toes and a range of birth defects has been identified in new research co-led by the University of Leeds.

An digital watch showing someone's heart rate at 95bpm.

Simple breathing exercises done twice daily while using a mobile phone app can help relieve the symptoms of Long Covid, new research has found.