Academic fees

Academic fees for PGRs at the Faculty Graduate School are as follows. To find out more about how to fund your degree, read our information page .

Home/EU fees

Entry in 2018/19

  • Full time: £4,400
  • Part time: £2,200

International fees

Entry in 2018/19

  • Full time science based programme: £21,500
  • Part time science based programme: £10,750
  • Full time clinically-based programme: £31,500
  • Part time clinically-based programme: £15,750
  • Full time Arts/classroom based programme: £17,500
  • Part time Arts/classroom based programme: £8,750

Please note that the Arts/classroom based programme only applies to specific PGRs registered in Psychology

Professional Doctorate in Paediatric Dentistry Fees

Entry in 2018/19

  • Home/EU - Full time: £21,500
  • Home/EU - Part time: £12,900
  • International - Full time: £49,000
  • International - Part time: £29,400

How academic fees can be paid

Academic fees must be paid in full before you can complete registration for your degree, unless you are a self-supporting PGR, in which case you may pay your academic fees in 2 instalments.  The first instalment is payable at registration.

If you are supported by your government, employer or other sponsor you will require a letter from your sponsor addressed to the University confirming that the academic fees will be paid directly when you complete your registration.  Sponsors cannot pay by instalments.

Research Costs

PGRs, especially those undertaking scientific projects, may be required to pay research costs in addition to the academic fees.  Any research costs required will be stated on the University of Leeds offer letter.