Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation medicine

What we do

Rehabilitation Medicine at Leeds is the most research-intensive rehabilitation medicine group in the UK. The mission of the department is to reduce disability through research by developing treatments that restore people’s independence, dignity and quality of life. We are an interdisciplinary research group working closely with colleagues in biological sciences, engineering and psychology, and rehabilitation services in the NHS.

Rehabilitation Robotics

Working with the leading researchers in engineering, funded by the major research councils nationally and internationally, we develop and test the next generation of restorative rehabilitation technology to further improve outcomes following injury and illness.


We are a leading European centre for the development and testing of outcomes measures in the health sciences. Our portfolio of Rasch analysis-derived outcome measures is available for researchers in academia, health services and industry, for further details please see here.

The Psychometric Laboratory for Health Sciences trains the next generation of outcome measurement scientists and offers consultancy to industry. To see the Rasch courses we offer please see here

Participation in Society

Our aim is to maximise the participation in society of people living with long-term conditions or recovering from acute illness. Our work is leading to new ways to help people to remain in work or return to employment after injury.


Key publications

Title Text

  1. Preston N, Horton MC, Clarke M, O’Connor RJ. Development of a parent-reported questionnaire evaluating upper limb activity limitation in children with cerebral palsy. Physiotherapy Research International. 2018;23:e1684
  2. Rakotonirainy R, Locke HN, Hariharan R, MA Chamberlain, O’Connor RJ. Developing a Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Service in Madagascar. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2018;50:402-405
  3. Preston N, Weightman A, Gallagher J, Levesley M, Mon-Williams M, Clarke M, O’Connor RJ. Combination of home-based computer-assisted arm rehabilitation in children with spastic cerebral palsy: a pilot single-blind multicentre randomised controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation 2016;30:1004-15
  4. Sivan M, Gallagher J, Makower S, Keeling D, Bhakta B, O’Connor RJ, Levesley M. Home-based Computer Assisted Arm Rehabilitation (hCAAR) robotic device for upper limb exercises after stroke. Results of a feasibility study in home setting. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 2014;11:163


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Professor Rory O’Connor

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