Oncolytic Virus Research Group

What we do

The oncolytic virus research group brings together academics with basic and clinical research backgrounds in cancer immunology and virology within the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Leeds, as well as clinicians at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals.  Our combined expertise in cancer immunology and virology allows us to address multiple aspects of the interaction of oncolytic viruses with tumours and with the patient’s immune system in order to identify the most effective therapeutic strategies to take forward into the clinic.  Our research benefits from access to primary patient-derived samples through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals trust, a valuable resource that enhances the clinical relevance of our work.  We have a strong clinical trial portfolio, facilitated by the clinician researchers in the group and are well positioned to advance our research findings for the benefit of patients.

Key research themes include:

  • Mechanisms of tumour susceptibility to oncolysis
  • Virus-induced innate and adaptive anti-tumour immune responses
  • Characterisation of tumour specific microenvironments and the impact on oncolytic virus effector mechanisms
  • Genetic modification of oncolytic viruses
  • Consequence of anti-viral immune responses
  • Route and scheduling of viral administration
  • Role for cellular chaperones
  • Combination therapies

Oncolytic Virus Research Group research information

Who we are

Fiona Errington-Mais – Cancer Immunology; Immunotherapy; Oncolytic Viruses
Elizabeth Ilett – Cancer Immunology; Immunotherapy; Oncolytic Viruses
Adel Samson – Hepatocellular Carcinoma; Oncolytic viruses; Oncogenic viruses; Translational clinical trials.
Stephen Griffin – Viral Oncology; Oncolytic Viruses; Hepatitis C Virus; Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Laura Matthews – Gene Regulation; Tumour Microenvironment; Drug Resistance
Clive McKimmie – Immunology; Virology; Chemokines
Graham Cook – Natural Killer Cells; Cancer Immunology; Infection and Immunity; Cancer Biology
Gordon Cook – Clinical Trial design and Delivery; Tumour Immunology & Immunotherapy
Chris Parrish – Clinical Trial design and Delivery; Tumour Immunology & Immunotherapy
Christy Ralph – Medical Oncology, Clinical Research




We welcome enquiries from motivated and qualified applicants from all around the world who are interested in postgraduate study within the cancer immunology research field.  Competitive schemes are available for three-four year PhD studentships through a variety of routes including:

To apply through one of these routes, please contact the Investigator you would like to work with to discuss specific schemes and project outlines.  Other opportunities will be posted on FindAPhD.com and on Investigators home pages.  The Faculty Graduate School pages have further details for postgraduate research opportunities and projects in the laboratory.