Dr Jian Shi

Dr Jian Shi


After obtaining my PhD on ion channel pharmacology from Chinese Academy of Science in 2008, I came to England for my postdoctoral research on cardiovascular TRPC channels at University of London prior to moving to University of Leeds as a Wellcome Trust research fellow. Then I was awarded a prestigious BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship in 2016, which enabled me to start my independent research on endothelial Piezo1 channel. Currently I am a tenure-track University Academic Fellow (Assistant Professor) based in LICAMM, School of Medicine.


  • Principle Investigator
  • BHF Intermediate Fellow
  • Editorial Board Member of The Journal of Physiology

Research interests

My current research interests mainly focus on biophysical properties and regulation of Piezo1 channels, a novel mechanically-activated non selective cation ion channel, in vasculature. These properties and the regulation by membrane components including lipids and proteins determine how endothelial cells in vasculature respond to shear stress in health and disease. This research will fundamentally improve our understanding of blood flow sensing in blood vessels and may reveal new ways to treat heart and circulatory diseases.





  • BSc (Hon)
  • PhD

Professional memberships

  • Physiological Society
  • Biophysical Society

Student education

Supervision of MRes and PhD students who are interested in ion channel biophysics and functions.

Lectures on Electrophysiology Technique and Its Application In Cardiovascular Research to PhD students

Lectures on Anatomy and Physiology to medical students

Lectures on Introduction to Medical Science to medical students

Perspective PhD students are very welcomed to make informal contact with Dr Shi by email.

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine
  • Discovery and Translational Science
  • British Heart Foundation - Cardiovascular research

Current postgraduate researchers

<h4>Postgraduate research opportunities</h4> <p>We welcome enquiries from motivated and qualified applicants from all around the world who are interested in PhD study. Our <a href="https://phd.leeds.ac.uk">research opportunities</a> allow you to search for projects and scholarships.</p>
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