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A doctor using a stethoscope on a patient.

Next generation clinical trials using "digital twins" of anonymised real-life patients are a step closer after a leading Leeds scientist was awarded a €2.5m grant to further his pioneering research.

A row of eight thin pipettes attached to a machine injecting fluid into a tray.

Scientists have found a new way to predict which myeloma patients will benefit the most from a treatment often used to help keep the blood cancer from coming back after a stem cell transplant.

Close up of a green liquid being transferred from a pipette into a small test tube - with a blurred scientist headshot in the background.

A decade-long international study into kidney cancer has shown that doctors can predict the likelihood of a patient’s disease returning by looking at DNA mutations in their tumours.

Close-up of numerous different colourful drug capsule pills in blister packs.

Basing specialist pharmacists in care homes can help make residents safer by cutting potential harm from medicines, according to research carried out by University of Leeds academics.

Close up of a medical professional in white coat and blue surgical gloves about to administer drugs into the upper arm of someone wearing a black and white checked shirt with their sleeve rolled up.

Dr Steve Griffin authors this 'The Conversation' piece on the vaccine booster campaign.