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LGBRIMH Leeds Visit

The School of Psychology was visited by Dr Sonia Deuri and Dr Arunjyoti Baruah from LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health, Assam to celebrate their collaboration on The Big Picture research project.

Child glasses jadu

A new trial launched today aims to ensure primary school children get the glasses they need in order to improve their maths and reading skills.

health food on plate representing Nutrition and Behaviour research at the School of Psychology

Two University of Leeds researchers have been consulted on a new British Nutrition Foundation project to help guide people to healthly food portion sizes.

child being fed by father 800x400

Dr Weighall appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss findings from research designed to provide an insight into the sleeping patterns of young children in the UK.

Two men with children

Dr Zoe Darwin discusses her research work in Perinatal mental health in a video with Fathers' mental health campaigner, Mark Williams.