FMH and University Partnership Award Winners 2022

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Faculty of Medicine and Health (FMH) and University Partnership Awards for 2022.

The Partnership Awards recognises the exceptional work of staff and students who worked together to put the Leeds Partnership into action.

Nearly 100 people in FMH were nominated in one or more of the award categories, demonstrating the fantastic work undertaken by colleagues from across the faculty during what has been a particularly challenging 12 months for students and staff alike.

Congratulations to our FMH Partnership Award winners. The awards recognise the hard work and dedication of our staff and students, and how we work better together to ensure the best experience for our community. A huge thank you for your efforts in making the Leeds Partnership a success in the faculty.

Dr Amanda Harrison, Pro Dean for Student Education

The 2022 winners of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Partnership Awards are:

Academic Personal Tutor/Supervisor Award

This award recognises who, through their passion and leadership, promotes academic engagement and a sense of belonging. This exceptional collaboration helps our students push the boundaries to develop and explore new knowledge.

  • Marc Bailey – School of Medicine

Equality and Inclusion Award

The Equality and Inclusion Award recognises the work of people working inclusively, either in their everyday work or through initiatives to create a sense of belonging.

  •  Student award: Mark Wright – School of Healthcare
  • Staff award: Valerie Farnsworth – School of Medicine

Global Award

The Global Award recognises excellence amongst those who have actively engaged in the promotion and maintenance of international or intercultural activities, education, or competence.

  • Student award: Una Higgins – School of Psychology
  • Staff award: Maryam Ba-Break – School of Medicine

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognises those who use innovative methods and approaches to engage and excite others or solve problems.

  • Staff award: Ryan Grant – School of Healthcare
  • Group award: The School of Dentistry – Students and Staff

Inspirational Teaching / Supervisor Award

This category recognises those colleagues who continually inspire their students, using their passion and dedication for their subject.

  • Ben Hughes – School of Medicine

Mentor Award

The Mentor Award celebrates those who guidance and support has encouraged and nurtured others to develop their skills and prospects for the future, helping them to grow and progress, either personally or in their learning

  • Nicholas Hodson – School of Dentistry

Outstanding Student Award

This award celebrates the student who has volunteered their time to enhance the learning experience of their peers or contribute to their community.

  • Fadheelah Nadeem Yaseen – School of Dentistry

Postgraduate Researcher

The Postgraduate Researcher award celebrates those researchers who, while undertaking their own research, have made a significant impact on our community or the wider world..

  • Kelly Lloyd – School of Medicine

School Community Partnership of the Year

This category celebrates those involved in creating meaningful changes developed in partnership with staff and students.

  • School of Dentistry

Wellbeing Award

This category celebrates those in our community who have shown a dedication to the wellbeing of staff and students and wider community.

  • Jean Gore – School of Healthcare
  • Joanne Lay – School of Healthcare

Faculty of Medicine and Health Overall Partnership Award Winner

The FMH Overall Partnership Award is decided by the shortlisting panel and given to the person or people whose work embodies the ethos of the Leeds Partnership and has an exceptional impact on our community.

  • Madeleine Pownall – School of Psychology

University Partnership Awards

Winners of the Leeds Partnership Awards were announced during a special event in Leeds University Union (LUU) on Monday 9th May 2022. After receiving a host of inspirational nominations for this year’s accolades, nominees gathered for a gala celebration, held in person for the first time in three years.

The annual Partnership Awards celebrate the achievements of staff and students who truly put into practice the Leeds Partnership – an agreement setting out our shared commitment to work together to support all aspects of our University community. From equality and inclusion to feedback and assessment, these prestigious awards recognise the people who go above and beyond in every area of University life.

Outstanding Student Award 

This award recognises a student, or student group, who have volunteered their time to enhance the learning experience of their peers.  

  • Fadheelah Nadeem Yaseen – School of Dentistry

Congratulations to Fadheelah on this remarkable and deserved achievement at the University Partnership Awards, and to all those in the School of Dentistry who supported Fadheelah to this success.