Civic Award Winners 2020/21

We are extremely proud to announce the winners of this year’s SoP Civic Awards.

The School of Psychology Civic Awards are to recognise and celebrate undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research postgraduate contribution to School, University, and wider community as well as students’ own personal development and achievements. 

Areas covered by the Civic Awards include, but are not limited to, volunteering, university committee and society contributions, research apprenticeship through, for example, RESUS or summer studentships, enterprise, support of other students, achievements during year abroad or year in industry, excellent teaching and support from postgraduate research students. What is essential, however, is that nominees have made an outstanding contribution within the area for which they have been nominated. Students can also be nominated where they have demonstrated significant personal development and achievement, for example, in facing significant barriers with courage and determination and/or continuing to fulfill, for example, demanding caring duties while completing their degree.

The winners are as follows:

Inspirational Role Model
Sophie Bradshaw (Level 1)

Inspirational Personal Resilience and Commitment to Study
Agnieszka Stobart (Level 1)

Outstanding Personal Resilience and Commitment to Study
Shuhan Dong (PHD)

Outstanding Contribution to Research Impact
Emily Pickering (Level 3)

Outstanding Contribution to Research Development
Saskia Freshwater (Level 3)
Nadiya Kabir (MPsyc)

Outstanding Contribution to Developing Research
Eve Eyles-Smith (Level 3)

Outstanding Contributions to Building the Student Community
Toby Stubbs (Level 2)
Eve Middleton (Level 2)
Kirsten Broadhead (Level 2)
Daniel Marsh (Level 2)
Lizzie Mitchell (Level 3)
Adam Hopkins (Level 2)
James Homer (Level 2)
Evie Stanton (Level 2)
Freshta Rasoul (Level 2)

Outstanding Contribution to Leading Communications between the Student and Staff Communities
Freshta Rasoul (Level 2)
Beth Sheridan (Level 3)
Alice Rodgers (Level 3A)

Outstanding Contribution to Enhancing Communications between the Student and Staff Communities
Freshta Rasoul (Level 2)
Beth Sheridan (Level 3)
Haleema Hussain (Level 2)
Alice Rodgers (Level 3A)
Sarah Mahmood (PHD)
Katarzyna Cwiertka (Level 2)
Noor Tansvi (Level 1)
Ryan Carter (Level 2)
Hannah Mulcahy (Level 2)
Anda-Stefana Suteu (Level 2)
Rameen Haq (Level 2)
Lucy Abrahams (Level 1)
Emma Motha (Level 2)
Jemmina Cottan (Level 2)
Evie Cox (Level 3)
Will Sheppard (PHD)
Jack Herbert (Level 3)
Baasimah Batool (Level 2)
Kelly Anderton (Level 3)
Besmir Meta (Level 2)
Maariyah Roker (Level 3A)
Sumayyah Patel (Level 2)

Special contributions to developing the academic and learning community
Kelly Anderton (Level 3)
Naomi Berry (Level 3)
Harriet Blaber (Level 2)
Molly Blease (Level 3)
Sabihah Bobat (Level 3)
Matthew Bontsema (Level 3)
Amelia Bottomley (Level 3)
Kirsten Broadhead (Level 2)
Shante Browne (Level 2)
Amelia Carpenter (Level 2)
Abbie Conroy (Level 2)
Jemmina Cottan (Level 2)
Alethea Crawley (Level 2)
Sade Crum (Level 3)
Jenna Cushnie (Level 2)
Rose Deacon (Level 2)
Alice Dillon (Level 3)
Rebecca Fry (Level 3)
Clara Fulton (Level 2)
Emma Godden (Level 3)
Bronwen Griffiths (Level 3)
Serena Guillemard (Level 2)
Nathalie Hall (Level 2)
Ciaran Hand (Level 2)
Emily Hanson (Level 2)
Laura Hardison Taylor (Level 2)
Emma Hindley (Level 3)
Molly Howell (Level 2)
Lauren Huskisson (Level 2)
Mark Jacoby (Level 3)
Niamh Johnson (Level 2)
Abbie Jones (Level 3)
Emma Knightley (Level 2)
Bozhidara Kodinova (Level 2)
Jessica Laslett (Level 3)
Alberta Leonard (Level 3)
Daniella Levy (Level 3)
Ngoshan Lo (Level 2)
Kirsty McAllister (Level 3)
Evie McCarthy (Level 2)
Besmir Meta (Level 2)
Eva Morris (Level 3)
Molly Osbourne (Level 2)
Zoe Page (Level 2)
Sumayyah Patel (Level 2)
Georgia Pennington (Level 3)
Emily Pote (Level 3)
Freshta Rasoul (Level 2)
Aisha Rimi (Level 2)
Claire Simpson (Level 3)
Anna Smith (Level 3)
Kira Speirs (Level 3)
Evie Stanton (Level 2)
Anda-Stefana Suteu (Level 2)
Hannah Tibbutt (Level 3)
Luke Tull (Level 2)
Melissa Turner (Level 3)
Amy Veitch (Level 2)
Daniel Vizer (Level 3)
Amy Walker (Level 2)
Charlotte Webb (Level 2)
Leyla Woodroffe  (Level 2)
Olivia Wright (Level 2)

Outstanding Contribution to Student Education
Ngoshan Vanessa Lo (Level 2)
Zahra Mohamed (Level 1)
Sophia Woollett (Level 1)
Amy Veitch (Level 2)
Shante Browne (Level 2)
Abigai Hart (Level 3)
Kirsty McAllister (Level 3)
Jemma Baker (MPsyc)
Elizabeth Frost (MPsyc)
Mikaela Gerber (MSc)
Catherine King (MSc)

A huge congratulations to our winners – thank you so much for your outstanding efforts, particularly in such a difficult and uncertain time. Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate with the usual in-person ceremony, therefore winners will receive an electronic version of their certificate via email. These will be sent out in due course so if you have won, do keep an eye out on your email inbox in the next few days!