Genetic study reveals pre-eclampsia risk factors

A large international study has revealed that the genetic risk of pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition in pregnancy, is related to blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). 

Dr Nigel Simpson is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine at the University, honorary consultant with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and a member of the research team. He said: “The new insights from this study could form the basis for more effective prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia, and improve the outcome of pregnancy for mother and child.

“Scientists have long suspected that genetics plays a part in predisposing some women to pre-eclampsia. This study is revealing how that happens.”

Pre-eclampsia affects up to 5% of pregnant women and contributes to the death of an estimated 50,000 women and up to 1 million babies worldwide every year. 

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