Civic Award Winners 2019

The School of Psychology recently held their annual Civic Awards ceremony to celebrate student achievements from the past academic year.

The Civic Awards are to recognise and celebrate undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research postgraduate contribution to the school, university, and wider community as well as students' own personal development and achievements. Some areas covered by the awards include: volunteering, research apprenticeships, enterprise, student support and student society involvement amongst others. 

Civic Award Winners 2018 - 19

The Civic Awards ceremony took place on Friday 10th May and celebrated the achievements of the following students:

Inspirational Student Education Support
Emily Stanyer

Inspirational Student Outreach (PsychU)
Chloe Clarke 
Serena Dard 
Emily Elliott 
Jazmine Higgins 
Mia Howells 
Elizabeth Mitchell 
Rachel Nicholas 
Jorden Porter 
Brittany Sykes 
Megan Tilley 
Georgina Walters 
Outstanding Contribution to Sign Language Society
Molly Bradley
Outstanding Contribution to Student Support
Layla Kouara
Inspirational Student of the Year (Special Award)
Layla Kouara
Outstanding Engagement in Research Skills
Kristan Howourth
Outstanding Ambassador for Year In Industry
Lydia Bickley
Kita Berman van Heerden
Outstanding Contribution to Student Support

All student members of the Student Staff Forum
Megan Ringorse President
Kirsty McAllister
Olivia Nathan
Jasmine Clarke
Brontie Auld
Stephanie Cole
Jack Herbert 
Annabel Grace
Kelsey Tredgett
Freddie Rademache

All members of the PsycSoc Committee
LEVEL 1 Representatives
Noorya Safi
Matthew Bontsema

LEVEL 2 Representatives
Molly Lacey
Danielle Dixon

LEVEL 3 Representatives
Freya Thompson
Polly Davies

School Representative
Layla Kouara
Thomas Carter
Outstanding Support to School Open Days
Emily Chadwick
Naomi Conlin 
Markyetta Hutchinson
Amy Creaser 
Tal Randall 
Kita Berman V Heerden 
Nishaat Shahid 
Izabel Papukchieva
Rebecca Ryan 
Rachel Bostock 
Megan Bentley 
Serena Dard 
Holly Nelson 
Nicola de Waal 
Georgia Sanders 
Alice Rose 
Megan Tilley
Courtney Goodridge
Jade Waldorf
Gabriella Boxall
Polly Davies
Outstanding Support to Student Communication
All editorial members of Psynapse Magazine
Outstanding Ambassador for Internationalisation
Yao Zhao
Students who worked on Psynapse this year
Loujayn Karim Ali
Anjani Hathi
Catherine Joyce
Zara Boradhead

Congratulations to all of our Civic Award winners.