You SHOULD sweat the small stuff -SHED Talk

Now being held at Roger Stevenson Lecture Theatre 23, Special guest is Professor David Richards, NIHR Senior Investigator, University of Exeter

About SHEDtalks

Running each semester, SHEDtalks are aimed at a wide audience including people with health conditions, parents, carers, healthcare professionals (medical and non-medical), academics, undergraduate students, taught postgraduate students and postgraduate researchers. With so many people who can influence evidenced based change to improve health service delivery at one event, this is an excellent opportunity to share and debate leading health research, innovation and impact.

When and who?

The inaugural SHEDtalks is on Monday February 27th 12-1pm at Roger Stevenson Lecture Theatre 23

 It’s FREE to attend! The School will host Professor David Richards, NIHR Senior Investigator, University of Exeter, Chaired by Professor John Baker, Chair in Mental Health Nursing, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds.

What's it called?

You SHOULD ‘sweat the small stuff’
Amalgamating marginal gains in ESSEntial Nursing CarE

Professor David Richards and a consortium of health services researchers from the Universities of Exeter, Plymouth and Southampton, lay advisors, patients and carers, and senior clinical and nurse managers in the UK are undertaking a research programme on essential nursing care, funded by the UK National Institute for Health Research – the ESSENCE programme.

Nursing care matters a great deal to patients and the public. When nursing care is sub-optimal patients experience health care negatively. Failure to assure the quality of nursing care leads not only to distress and dissatisfaction, but also to wider patient safety failures.

Professor Richards will explain how a new method of nursing based on a process called the ‘amalgamation of marginal gains’ (AMG), used very successfully in sports and in some health care setting, but not so far in nursing, is being designed. The aim - to help nurses achieve small improvements in many different areas leading to overall better quality care.

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