Mr. John Taylor

Mr. John Taylor


I focus on the application and methodology of statistics in cancer epidemiology. I work on colorectal cancer projects based at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). Since completing my MSc, I have had several statistical roles at the University of Leeds. I initially worked on infectious exposure and childhood leukaemia followed by ten years in the field of genetic epidemiology of melanoma and musculoskeletal diseases. In 2016, I refocussed my attention to work on the epidemiology of colorectal cancer where I focus on the application and methodology of statistics in cancer epidemiology.

Research interests

I lead the statistical analysis of the Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme, a 5-year programme which aims to improve colorectal cancer outcomes across Yorkshire. We are investigating linked datasets, such as hospital episode, cancer registry, radiotherapy and chemotherapy data, to identify areas of weakness within the region and evaluate subsequent interventions. This type of analysis requires using a broad range of statistical methods including survival analysis and techniques that facilitate institutional comparisons. My previous research involved the genetic epidemiology of cancer and musculoskeletal diseases. I performed analyses for large-scale international genome-wide studies of melanoma susceptibility (GenoMEL consortium).

I also led the analysis of a genome-wide study of response to treatment in rheumatoid arthritis (MATURA consortium). Other collaborations included fine scale mapping of melanoma susceptibility genes and genome-wide studies of nevi and Giant Cell Arteritis susceptibility. My work is highly collaborative and I work closely with the leader of the YCR Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme, Prof Phil Quirke, and the leader of the Cancer Research UK CORECT-R programme, Prof Eva Morris. I also have continuing collaborations with Prof Jenny Barrett and Prof Ann Morgan (as part of MATURA) and with Prof Tim Bishop and Dr Mark Iles (as part of GenoMEL).


  • MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine - University of Southampton, 2005
  • BSc Mathematics - University of Sheffield, 2004

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's
  • Cancer Epidemiology Group
  • Pathology and Data Analytics