Dr Kelvin Gomez

Dr Kelvin Gomez


I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME). I focus on the role of technology in learning and teaching at various educational levels and disciplines.

I am Principal Investigator (PI) of the Virtual Clinical Experiences project funded by NHS England. This work explores how digital technologies can be safely employed to livestream clinical encounters between a clinician and patient to remotely located medical students. Working alongside industry partners, this project aims to support the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan by leverging educational technologies to assist in workforce training and expansion. 

I have worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge (Faculty of Education) where I investigated the use of various digital technologies for practitioner inquiry into educational dialogue. 

During my PhD, I investigated how Augmented Reality technology could enhance the creative process in secondary schools. In collaboration with a technology startup, we created innovative teaching materials and tested them with diverse groups of students across two countries. 


  • Principal Investigator for the Virtual Clinical Experiences project

Research interests

With experience in both design and education (as a practioner and researcher), I am especially interested in the use of design-based research methods to design, develop and evaluate tools for teaching and learning. I also have a keen interest in exploring how emerging technologies can be utilised to improve education and training.



  • PhD - University of Cambridge
  • MEd - University of Cambridge
  • PGCE - University of Cambridge
  • BA - Loughborough University

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Education