Professor A M Hanby


I have had mixed university and NHS roles and led the LICAP Breast Cancer Morphology group. University and NHS work were intertwined: I am one of a team of 5 breast pathologists in Leeds. I dissect breast specimens, analyse their histology and initiate further investigations as required. I now support research but am focused on diagnostic work in a two day week. Other tasks include management of parts of the molecular pathology service and the interpretation of molecular pathology tests; mostly HER2 FISH, but also some of the GI tests (Whipples and K-Ras) when colleagues are away and more recently in the rollout of digital breast pathology analysis. I am particularly interested in aspects of breast cancer heterogeneity and the biology of tumour stroma.

My past achievements include

PI for the Leeds clinical hub of the CR-UK stratified medicine program, which involved the establishment of tissue and information pathways to permit molecular profiling of a range of tumour types and to deliver the results back to the clinical teams and to cancer registries.

An instigator of the CR-UK/citizen science Cell slider project which involves the public in the assessments of molecular profiles of tissue from clinical trials using web-based crowdsourcing methodologies.

Co-investigator for the Breast Cancer Campaign breast tissue bank; the first and largest UK breast bio-bank, with Leeds as the Lead centre.

I established and run the regional HER2 service based in Leeds with now in excess of 1500 tests a year and my experience has helped inform national practise

2- 3 undergraduate lectures a year;

intercalated BSc supervision,

postgraduate teaching especially in the NHSStroma, CAFS, fibroblasts, basal, TMA, morphology, HER2, DCIS, 3D, reconstruction, arrays.


Current PhD supervision

Primary Supervisor, MD “ stromal volume and breast cancer biology”.\n Co-Supervisor, PhD "Epithelial-stromal interactions in breast cancer".

Co-Supervisor, MD "The role of eIF4E in breast carcinogenesis".\n Co-Supervisor, PhD “Developing 3-D models for breast cancer”.\n Co-Supervisor, PhD “The biology of Bisphosphonates”.

Co-Supervisor, PhD "Exploring the function of ERbeta2 at different subcellular locations in breast cancer".

Co-Supervisor, MD. "Array analysis of male breast cancer".

Co-Supervisor, PhD "Identification of predictive and prognostic factors in intermediate grade colorectal cancer".

Co- supervisor, Phd "Mutation analysis in 'normal' mucosa in colon cancer patients".

Additional PhD commencing April; "miRNA 21 in breast cancer" funding has included MRC and CR-UK.


  • BM
  • FRCPath

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's
  • Cancer
  • Pathology and Data Analytics
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